Catherine Penn, MA, MBA
President, Penn and Associates, Inc.

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Catherine has 30 years' experience as president of Penn and Associates, Inc. Catherine began her career in marketing research as the data analyst at Cambridge Associates, a boutique consultancy. Next, she worked as a telephone research interviewer at Opinion Centers America, a data collection company. Combining these experiences, she founded Penn and Associates to provide marketing research data collection and analysis working with in-house marketing research departments in the publishing and manufacturing industries. While completing her first Master's Degree in English, Catherine added questionnaire design and reporting to the services offered by Penn and Associates. After completing her MBA, Catherine took the company to the next level providing full-service marketing research, adding study design, methodology, recommendations, implementation steps, presentation, and publication.

Up until 2002, Penn and Associates, Inc. provided quantitative marketing research services utilizing traditional data collection methods (telephone and mail). Beginning in 2004, Catherine saw tremendous cost savings opportunities for clients in moving marketing research studies online. Since that time, Penn and Associates, Inc. maintains a secure server running dynamic content web pages. Survey respondents can answer survey questions from all devices (desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones) at their convenience. Each new response is instantly captured in an online report portal. Penn and Associates data analysis includes frequencies, means, correlation, regression, and statistical testing.

Penn and Associates will make the following items immediately available upon release the report:
  • Who sponsored the survey and who conducted it.
  • The exact wording and presentation of questions and response options whose results are reported.
  • A definition of the population under study and its geographic location.
  • Dates of data collection.
  • A description of the sampling frame and sample design with sufficient detail to determine that respondents were selected using probability methods (Penn and Associates provides probability-based sampling).
  • Method used to administer the survey and the languages offered.
  • Sample sizes and the estimates of sampling error.

Penn and Associates high-level research and analysis presentations include strategic recommendations and expectations for implementing recommendations.